From the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ability of António João Eusébio, SUMOL is born, a one of a kind beverage, made from orange juice, with no artificial colors or preservatives, lightly carbonated and with real fruit pulp!

Presented in a distinctive green bottle with an etched design, the packaging is key to protect SUMOL from heat and sunlight.

With SUMOL a refreshing whirlwind of taste and the smell of real fruit invades the Portuguese summer.


SUMOL launches a new flavour, with a new colour: Sumol Pineapple.

The etched bottle remains.

The flavours are differentiated by making the cap in two colours: orange and green.

1st advertisement

Sumol is the first soft drink to become famous on Portuguese television with a message that sets its unique flavour apart from the competition:

"A cat is a cat; a dog is a dog; Sumol is everything the others are not".


In Portugal, whether in the street, in the local neighbourhood, or in the coffee shop, the brand is present from one end of the country to the other! At every party. For every toast SUMOL is there !

And at the forefront of every market trend SUMOL reaches Switzerland, the USA, Angola, São Tomé and Príncipe, Cape Verde...

The world begins to sumolise !

Passion fruit

Inspired by tropical aromas and flavours, Sumol adds passion fruit to its duo of orange and pineapple.

With the coming of the new century, new flavours and products appear, such as Sumol Light, Sumol Ice, Sumol Mango, Sumol Strawberries, Sumol Z, Sumol Intense - Orange and Chocolate and Sumol Bliss.

Under the slogan "United by the Flavour" we talked directly with the new tribe that had appeared in Portugal - SUMOLICS, a group of heavy users of the brand who worship the cult of Sumol.
Sumol Parade appears together with two major initiatives to bring the Sumol spirit to life: SumolSnowTrip - a finalists high school snow trip - and SumolSummerFest - the first summer festival of the season in Portugal !
Held in Ericeira, one of the Meccas of World Surfing, it hosts a range of big name artists who reflect the spirit of a venue with its own special characteristics: Music. Surf. Beach. Friends...

The brand enhances its fruit origins with the launch of Sumol Lemon...

With the focus on the freshness of the new flavour, it conjures up sensations and challenges consumers to try 365 VERÃO LIMÃO.


The year Sumol starts selling more internationally than in Portugal.

It has come to stay

The year Sumol reinvents itself as a truly international brand!

From a small factory in Algés - Lisbon to becoming everybody's drink of choice, Sumol is here to stay!

Sumol, feel it ?

Sumol Surprises Again

In 2019, Sumol launches a new visual identity, cleaner and more modern. A new image that invites fans to experience the bold spirit of the brand, based on the unique and vibrant experience of drinking Sumol.

This new look explores Sumol's intrinsic characteristics: refreshment, fruit with attitude, strong colors that convey differentiation and the 54-degree cut that recalls the origin of the Sumol brand (1954).