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In the event of any doubt concerning the General Terms and Conditions contained in this document, please contact:

Rua Dr. António João Eusébio, 24
2790-174 Carnaxide
Central services: 214 243 500
Customer support: 800 207 264
Client support: 808 200 232


SUMOL+COMPAL's Privacy Policy covers all of the companies that are part of the SUMOL+COMPAL Group and is based on the principles set out below.

SUMOL+COMPAL is committed to protect the privacy of its customers and suppliers, as well as the users of the various websites belonging to the various companies and brands of the SUMOL+COMPAL Group.
In that regard, it has drawn up this Privacy Policy in the aim of demonstrating its commitment and respect for the rules of privacy and compliance with all the legal provisions in force with regard to personal data protection, specifically those contained in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
The rules set out in this Privacy Policy complement the provisions on personal data protection and processing laid out in contracts entered into with the various companies of the SUMOL+COMPAL Group, as well as the rules set out in the Terms and Conditions for Competitions and Campaigns duly publicised on the websites of the SUMOL+COMPAL brands and in the General Terms and Conditions of use for the various websites of the SUMOL+COMPAL brands.

Without prejudice to the content of this Policy, SUMOL+COMPAL is the entity responsible for processing the personal data of its customers and/or potential customers for which it is available to provide any information or clarify any queries with regard to collecting, processing or protecting their personal data and the rights they are entitled to as data subjects. Queries should be addressed to:

C/o Head of Privacy
R. Dr. António João Eusébio, n.º 24, 2790-179 Carnaxide
Telephone: 214200082
Email address:

The GDPR defines "personal data" comprehensively as "any information relating to an identifiable person". An identifiable person is anyone who can be directly or indirectly identified by means, for example, of their name, personal identification number, location data, an electronic identifier or any other means which allow said person to be identified.
Within the scope of its operations, SUMOL+COMPAL collects and processes personal data necessary to provide services and supply products, such as name, address, age, personal and tax ID numbers, telephone number, mobile phone number and email address, etc.
SUMOL+COMPAL may also collect other data depending on the specific time and activity.

Personal data is collected directly from the respective data subject. SUMOL+COMPAL always ensures that prior consent is obtained and all legally required information is provided. When the data is compiled under legal obligations or to comply with a contract, this consent may be dispensed with.
SUMOL+COMPAL collects data in writing or through its websites once the subject's consent has been granted. By rule, personal data is collected when customers interact with the services or campaigns provided by SUMOL+COMPAL.
Some personal data is mandatory and where this data is missing or insufficient SUMOL+COMPAL may not supply the product or service in question. Customers will therefore be informed of the obligatory nature of supplying the data.

Without prejudice to compliance with the legislation on data storage and transmission, SUMOL+COMPAL only processes data which is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. When consent is obtained, customers, suppliers and users of the websites belonging to the various companies and brands of the SUMOL+COMPAL Group will be informed of the purpose of the data collected and provided with more detailed information about how SUMOL+COMPAL will use their data.
Usually, SUMOL+COMPAL collects personal data for marketing purposes (to develop competitions and advertising campaigns), sending prizes, managing contractual relationships, providing contracted services, adapting services to the needs of customers, adapting offers to the needs of customers, supplying information or even for answering queries addressed by customers to SUMOL+COMPAL or any other communications it may make.
Data may also be requested for other purposes, such as for sending complaints and suggestions or disseminating institutional information about the Group.
It should be noted that, under the terms of the GDPR, the use of personal data must be legally justifiable. As far as SUMOL+COMPAL is concerned, this use is compatible in the following situations: (a) processing is permitted based on the consent of the data subject for the purpose intended (consent may be withdrawn at any moment); (b) when it is necessary to enter into a contract with the data subject or to execute said contract; (c) when it is necessary to comply with the legal obligations to which SUMOL+COMPAL is subject; (d) when there is legitimate interest and SUMOL+COMPAL's reasons prevail over the rights to data protection of the respective data subject; and (e) when it is necessary to state, exercise or defend a right in judicial proceedings.

Users of the SUMOL+COMPAL website or other websites relating to its brands may browse these websites without the requirement to supply any personal information. However, for different reasons, information of this nature is occasionally requested, namely within the scope of requests for information or participation in competitions.
By providing SUMOL+COMPAL with their data, customers or users give their consent for it to be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Notwithstanding, SUMOL+COMPAL always respects the means of obtaining consent and the provision of all legally required information.
The personal data collected through use of the various SUMOL+COMPAL brand websites is processed by computer and in strict compliance with personal data protection legislation, and is stored in specific databases created for that purpose. At no juncture will the data collected be used for any purpose other than that for which consent was given by the data subject.

Your data is only accessed within SUMOL+COMPAL by those employees who need to do so in order to comply with enquiries or contractual/pre-contractual and legal obligations. It is possible that, occasionally, other companies within the SUMOL+COMPAL Group may be responsible for processing the data, for which you will be notified whenever necessary.
The personal data collected may also be shared with subcontractors so that they may be partly or fully responsible for the purposes for which the data has been compiled. They may also be shared with subcontractors for the purposes of housing and managing equipment and computer systems.
In such cases, SUMOL+COMPAL is committed to ensuring its security and privacy policy is shared by these entities through a thorough selection process and by guaranteeing that subcontractors respect the rules imposed by the applicable legislation with regard to data protection procedures. And also by guaranteeing that the personal data subjects in question are able to exercise their rights.
Finally, SUMOL+COMPAL may also share your data with the tax authority and regulatory and judicial entities when it is legally required to do so.

The length of time data is stored varies according to the reasons for its processing.
Where no specific legal requirement exists, data shall be stored for only the minimum period necessary for the purposes it was collected for or for its later processing, or for the period of time permitted by the National Data Protection Committee, should that exist. Once the maximum storage time has been reached, your personal data will be irreversibly anonymised (anonymised data may be stored) or safely destroyed.
When legal requirements stipulate that data must be stored for a minimum period of time, data shall only be kept for that period of time.

Under the law, data subjects are guaranteed the following rights: the right to access, rectification, limitation or opposition, the right to portability, the right to oppose automated decisions and profiling, and the right to be forgotten.
SUMOL+COMPAL guarantees these rights to the subjects of legitimately collected data.
In particular, it should be noted that SUMOL+COMPAL guarantees that data subjects may contest the processing of their data and/or request it be forgotten at any time.
Without prejudice to the exercise of the rights to which the respective holder is entitled, the right to be forgotten may only be exercised when (i) the data is no longer necessary for the purpose it was processed for (when the processing period runs out), (ii) the data subject withdraws their consent, (iii) the data subject validly opposes the processing and no overriding legitimate interests exist to justify processing, (iv) the data is processed illegally or must be erased by law, or if (v) it refers to minors under the age of 16 for whom no consent has been given or authorised by the holders of parental responsibility.
Rights may be exercised via the email address or the other contacts provided by SUMOL+COMPAL above.
It should be noted that data subjects also have the right to submit a complaint to the National Data Protection Committee (

SUMOL+COMPAL is committed to protecting the security of the personal data it collects, having approved and implemented rigorous rules on this matter.
SUMOL+COMPAL has adopted various security measures, of a technical and organisational nature, to protect the personal data provided against its dissemination, loss, misuse, alteration, handling or unauthorised access, as well as against any other type of illegal processing.
The following measures are highlighted:
a) Site security: entry to facilities (including subcontractors) is restricted to employees and, in exceptional cases, to individuals authorised by SUMOL+COMPAL;
b) Video surveillance cameras to ensure the physical safety of workers and documents;
c) Login and password-protected access to the computer systems, with different security levels that are periodically changed;
d) Personal data collection forms obliging encrypted browser sessions;
e) Access via password, shared folders for each subject and physical dossiers with limited access.
It should be noted that all personal data collected is stored securely on the SUMOL+COMPAL systems.
SUMOL+COMPAL guarantees compliance with its communication obligations under the law in the event the personal data it is responsible for processing is lost or misused.

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SUMOL+COMPAL reserves the right to reconfigure or alter this Privacy Policy at any moment. Any change will be fully announced on the various websites of the SUMOL+COMPAL Group companies and brands.
This Privacy Policy will be periodically reviewed to ensure it constantly attains the highest standards of data protection.
The use of the services after these changes implies the acceptance of the Privacy Policy and any future updates.